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Buyer's Guide: Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Gifts: What You Need To Know

The word, jainti kumari, means property given for a service to the community. These "gifts" can be gifts of money or property, but they can also be deeds or personal possessions. Many people consider the possession of real estate, land or property as a type of gift, and thus an estate to be a gift in the eyes of the law. Some famous defendants in Indian court cases have been those who gifted land or property rather than having been compensated for it.

Indian religion is deeply rooted in its spiritual nature. Hindus believe that all things created by God are perfect and therefore should be treasured and treated with reverence. This reverement includes a person's physical body, clothes, food, home, and even possessions. Every Hindu believes that by performing the requisite duties or worship to God, the physical body will achieve mukhis or godly status.

Property is seen by Hindus as something that cannot be owned by anyone, but by whom it is possessed. By performing certain duties or worshiping the gods, one may claim full rights over his property. There are different concepts of ownership depending on the religion of the person owning the deed, property or thing. For example, for an American Hindu the property owned by an individual is viewed as his spiritual nature, while for a Pakistani Hindu the property is seen as a physical object that may be destroyed as he desires.

Hindus believe that there are different kinds of spiritual gifts These are not necessarily for material benefits, but may be to demonstrate love and respect toward others. Gifts such as jewelry, paintings, devotes, incense and prayers are given to appease the divine forces that guide the world. According to one Indian spiritual teacher, a person should give to the world, especially to people who are poor and homeless. It is believed that by giving charity to these people, the recipient will in return show respect for the giver and pray for the giver's well-being.

Spiritual gifts are meant to have a positive influence in people's lives. They are also used to express one's gratitude and love for a person or other object, and at the same time improve that object's spiritual nature. A gift which has intrinsic spiritual value is usually given with a blessing from a higher source. However, even everyday objects can be considered spiritual. The object's material form may not have any internal spiritual quality, but its essence is deeply spiritual.

In Hinduism, a person may receive or give spiritual gifts. Different people have different ways of viewing and expressing their spiritual nature. Gifts for spiritual purposes may be received from parents, close friends, acquaintances or from spiritual teachers.

Gifts for a close friend can be a poem written in the person's handwriting or a small sculpture of a seated Buddha or an angel. A sculpture would make a great addition to the house of a person who loves gardening and candle-making. It is also fitting to give a set of tools that a person can use to make sculptures or paper lanterns. People who are close to a person can also be given presents such as beautiful poems or objects made by the person's own hands. Religious objects such as statues and crosses can also be given.

Spiritual gifts are appropriate to give during any season or holiday. They may be given as thank-you gifts of appreciation. They are usually given to people who are dear to the giver, to those who have helped, or to those who have done great deeds in the community or society. The objects can be made to resemble the personality or character of the person who is being given. For example, a desk which is shaped like the head of a turtle and which contains an apple inside is a good present for a student who has done outstanding work in science or mathematics.
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