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Buyer's Guide: Gifts For 3 Year Old Boy

Fun Gifts For Boy!

If your 3 year old loves to crawl around the floor and explore, then it might be time to pick out some funky toys to take him where he needs to go. There are all kinds of fun jungle-themed toys for toddlers that will engage their interest while keeping them busy for hours at a time. They're bright, colorful, and lots of fun to play with. Here are some suggestions for toys that your toddler will absolutely love:

* Jungle themed high-quality plastic toys such as monkeys that will keep your toddler busy for hours on end. The monkey has a mouth that opens and closes, allowing him to quench his hunger with a variety of treats and liquids from a variety of colorful bottles and cans. The monkey is made of durable high-quality plastic and is designed to stand up to all of your child's rough play. He will love this monkey toy each and every time he sees it.

* Your toddler loves playing with trucks and SUVs. Give him an SUV for Christmas that is brightly colored and features a ton of character. SUVs have been favorites for boys for a long time, so you can feel confident that your boy will absolutely love this toy. The engine is strong and the body is sturdy enough to withstand your toddler's rough play. He will delight in the large wheels and large bed, which make this truck especially wonderful for your Christmas gift.

* Your toddler just might love a new High-tech name puzzle game kit. There are name puzzle kits that feature alphabet puzzles, coloring pages, and story books. They come with a set of 16 stickers, some of which are removable, and a storage case. This kit is definitely for the high-quality plastic toy lover. It's bright colors will stimulate his memory and his imagination and make him squeal with joy.

* The most popular item on the toy wish list for boys is a Squigz Squeeze Fun Sore Throat Cushion Mattress Cover that comes with a comforter and a mattress. The Squeezable Foam Mattress Cover is thick enough to keep baby snug and comfortable. Its color is pretty, bright, and features a couple of Squigz colors that are totally unique and cater to your child's taste, one is for the holiday season and the other is a color that he will love all the time. It is also made from high-quality plastic so it will not easily tear or allow baby to get rashes.

* Your 3 year old also loves a Fat Brain Pillow. This interactive stuffed animal has a mind that works with you to find the best answers by playing games with him. When you give this pillow to your toddler, he will begin to understand what he is doing right and wrong and can start to develop good behavior from a very early age. This product is made with the highest quality and is machine washable so it can be used again.

* An inflatable Chihuahua Ball is a great toy for your 3 year old. This durable inflatable ball comes with an extra battery so that it will last for a long time and is made from a heavy duty plastic material that is also safe for your toddler. Your toddler will love playing with this and will use it often as he loves to throw his own toys and has learned to pick them up. He will learn how to stay safe and secure and use his imagination to find out what he wants to put in it and what he wants to take out.

* The next gift idea that is perfect for your boy is a name puzzle. This colorful and engaging puzzle is colorful enough to liven up any room and will keep your little one entertained for hours. It has holes where you can put the letter of the alphabet and a bright colorful puzzle that he can grab and turn into a masterpiece. This puzzle is sure to bring a smile to any little one's face.
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