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Gift Bags

Hallmark 10" Large Square Gift Bag (Watercolor Dots, Just for You) for...
  • This large gift bag measures 105 inches long by 105 inches wide by 49 inches deep
  • It can hold candles, figurines, a scarf, standard sized book, video game or DVD
  • Created with high-quality paper materials, all Hallmark gift bags are made with paper from well-managed forests
  • This pretty gift bag is sure to bring a smile to its recipient with a rainbow of watercolor polka dots, pink ribbon...
  • Perfect for Mother's Day, graduations, baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays and more

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How to Make and Decorate Gift Bags

For any occasion, consider adding a touch of whimsy to your wardrobe with Gift Bags of Magic. Delight your sense of wonder with these stylish bags of fun. Gift Bags of Magic can be given for any special occasion whether it is a birthday, anniversary, birthday party, christening, or any other celebration you may wish. They make a wonderful gift for grandparents, or even for the children. Each bag comes with a tag that carries the magic words: " enchantment", "wish" and "dream".

Deluxe Paper Gift Bags. Deluxe paper gift bags are perfect for gift stores, boutiques, jewelry stores, candy shops and many more. These bags come with satin or velvet ribbon handles which complement or coordinate every style. The bags can be reused in the future as they can be used over again because they can be washed and recycled.

Vinyl Gift Bags of Magic. This type of bags of magic are ideal for making homemade crafts such as pinwheels, teddy bears and much more. These vinyl gift bags of magic can be reused as they are washable. Simply remove the label and place the toy back in the bag and store it in your storage box until you are ready to use it the next time you want to create an arts and crafts project.

Use Vinyl Pinterest Bags of Magic. Use a variety of old gift bags of your own to dress up your home, office or school and make a statement about who you are or what you like. These pinterest bags have the ability to transform the most lifeless object into something lively and interesting. Use pinterest stickers in lots of different ways to decorate everything from your refrigerator to your bookshelf. Simply visit a number of websites online that offer pinterest stickers for wrapping and storing craft projects.

Recycle Old Gift Bags of other Colors. It is not easy trying to find a craft project or hobby that requires you to use old and worn gift bags. However, if you want to do something good for someone special this Christmas then why not recycle these? Most of us discard old items, especially if we haven't used them for a long time. Making the change from the traditional cardboard gift bag to one that is made from eco friendly materials could be the difference between making someone happy this season and not having anything to brighten their door step next year.

Use Diy Glue to Create Gift Bags of Your Own. There is a great way to reuse an old gift bag and turn it into something new and fun DIY Glue. By simply applying some hot glue on the color of your choice you can create your own unique diy gift bags that you can then give as gifts to friends, family members or even to yourself! Glue sticks are cheap and available in most craft stores so you'll have no problem finding a brand or type of glue that will fit your needs.

Create Your Own Gift Bags by Using Your Own Craft Shelves. There are many things that can easily be found at your local craft store or even online that will work great as gifts such as picture frames, place card holders, rubber stamps, glitter, stickers, and even small animal shaped cookie cutters. There are also many items that you can just use to make your own gift bags such as cheesecloth and butcher paper, double sided tape, craft paint, yarn or thread, buttons, cork strips and much more. You can save a ton of money if you buy your craft supplies wholesale rather than purchasing larger quantities in large bulk amounts. This will also allow you to create your own unique designs with these supplies and then you can reuse the smaller craft supplies whenever you need them to make another craft project.

You can wrap anything in a gift bag! Even a simple paper grocery bag will do. Simply pick a craft supply from your stash and then wrap the entire item in one of these versatile gift bags or you can use the decorative wraps that many people use for wrapping crafts such as flowers. You can purchase these decorative wraps in packs of 100s or you can make your own out of old magazines, wrapping paper and even fabric scraps. A very pretty and inexpensive way to wrap gifts is by using organza fabric. This is a very thin material that can be tied and twisted into beautiful bows and colorful ribbons that are then placed inside the gift bags.

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