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Engraved Gifts

Personalized Custom 3D Holographic Photo Etched Engraved Inside The...
  • Size: 3 x 2 x 2 inches
  • Ideal size for photos featuring up to 2 people/pets
  • Professional 3D engraving and optional text etching of your choosing
  • Great gift for birthdays, Valentine's Day, wedding, anniversary, engagement, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day,...
  • Invoke stunning memories of special moments by giving a unique gift to your special someone. Think outside of the...

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Engraved Gifts For Him

Personalized Engraved Gifts are one of the easiest and most affordable gifts to personalize. A gift can be personalized with almost anything you like. The engraving is done right into the gift item itself. When you choose a gift this way you are giving the person something they can cherish and remember.

Some of the more popular engraved gifts include mugs, glasses, key chains, coasters and other small items. Those who need their gift to stand out tend give an engraved gift with some sort of nickname, monogram, or initial. One big benefit of engraved gifts is the people getting them will often feel even more appreciated as the items were personalized just for them.

There are several different things you can do to have your initials, name, slogan or even company logo on a gift engraved. You can get your initials engraved on many different things. A nice place to start is with a mug. A coffee mug is always a nice gift to engrave with initials, especially if you have a long time to wait before your special someone drinks from it. Sometimes these mugs can be purchased in bulk at a discounted price so you may be able to save some money with that route. Other times you might need to just pick up a mug that your loved one likes and then make the rest of the gift personalize later.

Another great thing about engraved gifts is you can get your name, initials, company logo, slogan, or motto in any language you want. It doesn't matter the language because it will still be clearly visible. The best part about engraving is the material to use. You can have your initials etched right into the glass, wood, ceramic, plastic or whatever else you desire. Some people like to use metals for their engravings but you can get that in just about any metal and it will stand the test of time just like your gift giver.

An important part of engraving gifts are the two lines on the gift tag. Most people just put their full name with a brief initial over their first initial. Others may put a small line below their last initial followed by a second line. However, if you want to make sure that your gift tags stand out above the other gifts that you receive then you'll want to choose a nice personalized tag with two lines. That way not only will it look nice on your gift but you will also make it easy for the person to easily write their name on it or remember it later.

Sometimes you'll want to give engraved gifts that are a little more formal. For instance you might have a couple of guys in a row coming to your house on a Friday night and they're all coming to celebrate one of your best beer drinking weekends of the year. The perfect engraved gift for this occasion would be a nice terry cloth covered coffee mug with his last name on the front and a line that says how's my friend. Then he can take it with him to his next party and he can show off his new mug to his buddies.

When it comes to engraved gifts for guys, there are many ways to personalize them to make them unique. If you have some inexpensive office supplies lying around, you can use them to personalize your guy's mugs with a very simple cutting board cutting template. Just find yourself some cheap dot paper and print out a design that you like or draw one yourself. Then just peel off the paper, stick it on your cutting board and cut along the design line. If you want to add a more complicated design then you can use a stapler and glue it onto the end of the terry cloth.

Of course there are many other more engraving options available to you but these are the most popular and the easiest ones to do. Personalizing your guy is easy with an engraved gifts for him. No matter what special initials you choose to have him engraved with, you will be happy that you took the time to do it. It will mean a lot to him since you put in the effort to do it for him. He will think that you were thinking of him and this is something that he will treasure forever.

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