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How does Carol Wright ship?

To better serve you, we provide three shipping options. Orders are typically shipped within 72 hours of being placed in our warehouse. Orders cannot be shipped to the United States, some of its territories, or APO/FPO addresses.

What is CarolWright?

Carol Wright has been a leading direct mail marketer for low-cost gift items, apparel, and footwear since 1972. Carol Wright founded the website in 2001.

Is Carol Wright a good brand?

CarolWright Gifts has received a rating of 2.19 stars from 21 customers. This indicates that the majority of customers are dissatisfied with their purchase. CarolWright Gifts is frequently chastised by customers for providing poor customer service.

Does Carol Wright have free shipping?

Carol Wright provides free standard shipping on orders of a certain minimum value.

Is Dr Leonards and Carol Wright the same company?

Leonard's Healthcare (r), and Carol Wright Gifts (r). AmeriMark Holdings' total sales surpassed $450 million.

How do I pay my Carol Wright bill online?

Carol Wright Gifts accepts payments online, or you can use Prism's mobile app to pay your bills.

How do I cancel Carol Wright?

Contact Customer Service at 1-800-267-5750, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also cancel your order by emailing us. Include your order number, as well as your full name and address.

Article: Carol Wright Gifts

Carol Wright Gifts Make Great Gifts

Carol is the creator of the popular kids show " Carol's Kids". The success of the show has made Carol a name known not only by her fans, but also by many adults who enjoy watching this particular program. As you may be aware, Carol created this popular children's program in the early 1990's as a means of bringing some fun and laughter into the lives of handicapped children. Today, she continues to help make dreams come true for countless children, as well as giving them the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Carol's Kids has been featured on numerous television programs including ABC's Extreme Makeover, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and E! You can even purchase Carol's Kids products at several retail outlets online. One of the great things about purchasing these types of gifts online is that you will have access to thousands of unique and creative gift ideas. If you are looking for a gift that will brighten the day or save a person from feeling sad, forgetful, or depressed you certainly can't go wrong when shopping for Carol's Kids gifts. Here are a few gifts which she has created for her numerous clients:

The Carol's Kids Bookmark - This is a beautifully illustrated bookmark that features art from the book and is colorful. The bookmark is perfect for libraries or bookcases and is perfect for every child to create their own bookmarked page. The bookmark comes with a magnetic strip on the bottom which allows you to hang it from the fridge or refrigerator and it won't scratch the pages. The bookmark measures 4.5 inches wide and contains 22 pages. This is a great personalized item for a child with reading problems, because it allows them to create their own masterpiece for their books.

The Carol's Kids CD Video Collection - This collection of CDs includes music from all of Carol's decades of television shows. If you want to give this as a gift, you can get the first four seasons of the show which makes a great gift for virtually anyone. Each of the CDs has its own special feature such as special songs or a piece that was played on the show. This is definitely a great gift which will bring fond memories of the show into the family's home.

The Carol's Kids Personalized Toy Collection - This toy collection is perfect for a child who loves to pretend and enjoys building things. This consists of a mobile and a construction paper plane. When the kids open the toy they will see the plane with its model and will be able to create their own building. This is a great gift which your little one will really enjoy and remember. The toy is approximately three inches by three inches and it has detailed instructions which show a step-by-step process on how to assemble it. It also comes with a set of safety guidelines.

The Carol's Kids Chocolate Imagination Play Set - This play set includes a pair of chocolate make up brushes and a bag of dark chocolate crayons. This is a great set which your child will love and which they will make while enjoying the show. This is also a great present which can be used later as a fun craft time project. The set consists of three small items and each item is designed to be placed in a separate compartment of the bag.

The Carol's Kids Photo Frame & Album Set - This is an album and a frame that your little girl will absolutely love. This is a set which contains a photo of each guest at the wedding, a special photo for the mother of the bride and a couple of pages from each of the guests favorite shows. Each page has a place for a printed insert to be written on and then the album is finished. This is a lovely album which will go great in any decor. This is also a great present for any woman who loves to collect wedding keepsakes.

The above are all wonderful choices of gifts which will be sure to make any woman happy. These gifts are sure to be appreciated by any woman in your life whether they are old or young. These gifts are perfect for birthdays, Christmas and weddings. Carol Wright is one gift giver who understands that women like to feel appreciated and this is evident in the gifts she offers.
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