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Aveeno Baby Daily Bathtime Solutions Gift Set to Nourish Skin for Baby...
  • 4-piece Aveeno Baby Daily Bathtime Solutions Gift Set is a collection of baby bath essentials in a convenient,...
  • Includes an 8 fl. oz. bottle of Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo that is a tear-free, hypoallergenic baby wash that...
  • Includes an 8 fl. oz. bottle of tear-free Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Bath with scents of lavender and vanilla to...
  • Includes an 8 oz. tube of hypoallergenic, fragrance-free Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion that is clinically...
  • Includes a 12 fl. oz. bottle of Aveeno Stress Relief Body Wash that combines natural colloidal oatmeal with scents...

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Buyer's Guide: Baby Gifts

Finding The Perfect Baby Gift

Baby showers are a wonderful time of celebration as well as joy for the expectant parents. No doubt the "baby" in baby is cute, but there are many gifts to celebrate the new arrival as well. From practical gifts to sentimental ones, there is no limit to the variety that can be found at any baby shower. Here are some thoughtful suggestions for your baby shower needs.

Baby Gifts with Non-Toxic Features: One of the most thoughtful baby gifts for a first time mom or dad would be a travel toiletry bag with all of mommy and daddy's essentials. This is a great idea because a lot of newborns have little surprises for them like bottle nipples, soaps, washcloths, towels, rash cream, etc. that can make travelling a bit of an adventure! A travel toiletry bag makes it easy to keep these essential items in a safe, clean, place, and eliminates the need for a long wait while wondering where you left something important.

Baby Gifts with Personalized Features: Another thoughtful gift for a first time mom or dad would be to create a scrapbook about their child. The more you can personalize the gifts, the more unique they will be! Many people enjoy doing this for their babies and it is a great way to bond with the parents. You may want to take some pictures or use special memories to fill out the pages. Your gift recipient will be thrilled that you took the time to personalize such a gift and will cherish it for years to come.

Baby Gifts with a Good Quality Baby Girl Snuggly Hat or Cozy PJs: Whether the baby is a boy or girl, parents love to feel extra special. One way to make your partner feel special is to give them a gift that makes them feel good about their bundle of joy. One item that does just that is a baby girl cozy or pajamas. These items will be cherished by the parents for many years to come and will always be a nice gift no matter which sex the child is.

A Baby Gift That Parents Will Love: Choosing the perfect gift is very important when choosing an item as precious as a baby. When you are looking for a gift that will not only be cherished by the new parent, but also be remembered by the older child, consider giving parents a membership to a babysitter service. Having parents schedule this type of activity can be a wonderful idea for a new family member and can be a fun activity for all involved.

Baby Gifts That Work for Infants and Toddlers: Items like infant rattles and teethers are great choices for helping new parents relax and enjoy time spent with their babies. There is no doubt that babies have a special way of expressing their feelings and communicating to the parents through their soft skin. Using these types of touchable toys can help calm an upset baby, soothe the parents mind, and allow both parties to get some much needed shut eye. Another popular gift idea for infants and toddlers is a soft blanket. Blankets are a wonderful way to keep babies warm on those cold winter nights and they are a big hit with baby boys and girls as well as the parents.

Baby Gifts That Work For Toddlers: Newborn teddy bears and soft stuffed animals are always a good option. Stuffed animals are always a big hit and make great gifts at baby showers. Toddlers, on the hand, love to feel secure in their own little world. Items such as burp cloths and socks are recommended one's to give to children who are beginning to crawl. Buying a plush cat or dog is also a great gift idea that many parents find comforting for their little one.

Baby Gifts That Work For Older Babies: As well as newborns and toddlers, older children can also be just as touched by having something small to hold them as they grow older. A personalized hooded towel or receiving blanket is a very thoughtful gift idea that many parents purchase for their teenage children. Many baby blankets and quilts can be personalized with the date of birth or the child's name. Items such as these make wonderful keepsakes that will be treasured throughout a childs childhood and possibly into adulthood. A good quality quilt with a special design on the front is a great gift that will always be appreciated.

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